In that wonderful interview with Rollie Mukherjee in Kashmir Life, she describes the role of Kashmiri activists on social media in her education about the struggle in Kashmir. That’s also how I came to my commitment to the Kashmiri struggle & there are legions of others just like us. Brilliant work, brothers & sisters of Kashmir.

International People’s Tribunal on Burma’s Crimes Against Humanity

The International People’s Tribunal on Burma’s Crimes Against Humanity will be held from September 18th to 22nd at the University of Malaya-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Around the world, we will be able to follow the proceedings live stream.

Given the scale of this genocide, many feel that the destiny of the Rohingya living as a free people is a hopeless cause. On the contrary, Rohingya activists & their supporters have made their struggle one of the most important in the world. Five years ago, few even knew who they were. They are certainly facing enormous obstacles to freedom but they no longer face them alone. Hundreds of thousands around the world continue to march & rally against the genocide & in defense of Rohingya rights. Solidarity is the beginning of justice.

Brilliant insight from Shaheed, Cape Town, South Africa :

“The world’s biggest supplier of tik (methamphetamine) is Myanmar. It is the second biggest producer of opium. Support for the Rohingya and other exploited and oppressed masses in Myanmar is not just a humanitarian issue but a life and death question for our own youth.

1 in 5 become addicts.

Stop the genocide.”

You know the Syrian revolution Assad supporters claim never took place? The one they claim was always jihadi head-choppers against the benign dictatorship of Assad? Here it is in a video from September 16, 2011. And despite claims that it never existed or has already been decisively defeated, it continues against all odds.

The Arab Spring is a misnomer for a revolutionary process that has just begun. Colonial control of the planet, including the Arab countries, was a primary force behind WWI & WWII, and that control is now being thrown off with a vengeance. Here the Syrian people show the intransigent spirit of their revolution.