A feminist’s guide to ending verbal abuse & bullying

Someone asked me for this post, originally written in 2015 after several asked me how to ward off verbal put-downs & insults. If you don’t learn early in life to end such aggression, you will grow old tormented by the notion that something about you invites abuse, that maybe you look stupid or like a patsy, with “victim, kick me” stamped on your forehead & butt. On the contrary, it’s usually your best qualities that provoke animosity. Tough noogies for the bullies. Let them get used to your charms.

It was the hard way that I learned these techniques. I don’t want anyone else to learn the hard way when there’s a shortcut to enlightenment & to the art of kicking ass. It is liberating to know how to parry abuse & end it. It doesn’t require you to be a monster but only to claim your dignity.

My friend Trista Hendren published the piece in her blog for easier reading.