Trump’s powers of sucking up to power miss the mark with Netanyahu’s ass

Trump and Netanyahu

Can you imagine that Trump is giving the bum’s rush to Netanyahu after the latter took issue with his call for a ban on Muslims entering the US? He cancelled his trip to Israel scheduled later this month where he planned on visiting Al-Aqsa mosque. He certainly would have engaged in provocations against Palestinians. Netanyahu probably criticized him to deter him from coming & by reckless grandstanding embarrass or expose Israeli apartheid.

Israel, as a militarized colony more than a state, is pivotal to US hegemony in the Middle East. Although the US & Israel have differences over the pace of ethnic cleansing, their interests are of accord in every way. Trump is too provincial, xenophobic, racist, & stupid to grasp what is at stake in the relationship between Israel & the US. He knows he’s supposed to pay fealty to Israel in some way but he doesn’t get the politics of it.

The ruling elite could never let him near the White House–not just because he exacerbates social polarization (which they are orchestrating) nor because he picked a fight with Israel, but because they are not at all ready for outright fascist rule. That’s a last resort for a regime & the US is nowhere near it.

That explains why so many in high places are calling out Trump as fascist–to discredit him & scare people off. But his campaign is toast. It will be a welcome day in the republic when the loudmouthed ass goes back to doing real estate.

Communism 1955 has become Islam 2015: same steaming pile of lies & hysteria

Watching the nightly news one can only conclude communism 1955 has become Islam 2015. Same fear-mongering, same drum beat of lies & horse manure passed off as news. It actually began under president Carter & the Iranian revolution against the Shah (1979) & went into orbit with 9/11 (2001). It’s now gone intergalactic & lost all restraint. It’s a very serious threat to the US Bill of Rights.

Madonna grandstands in Paris for terrorist victims; provides soundtrack for ethnic cleansing in Tel Aviv

Madonna singing in Paris (Jules Mahe:AFP:Getty Images) Dec 10 2015

Here’s Madonna singing up a storm at the Place de la République in Paris in tribute to the victims of the November 13th terror attacks. For those who like to grandstand off the tragedies of others, this is becoming a de rigueur pilgrimage site. Bono & the Eagles of Death Metal (the band playing at the Bataclan theater when it was shot up) have already been there for photo ops & crocodile tears.

But golly, their tributes ring so hollow when you realize how in tune their grieving is with reactionary politics. Madonna & the Eagles group both flouted Palestinian appeals to honor BDS & performed in Tel Aviv, Israel, ignoring barbarous Israeli terrorism against Palestinians; no crocodile tears were squeezed out for them. Madonna who last performed Tel Aviv in 2012 is negotiating to return the summer of 2016. The Eagles group (whose lead singer is rabidly right-wing) performed Tel Aviv in July & is also slated to return next summer. Bono, who never tires of groveling, recently sang a concert tribute to Shimon Peres, an architect of Israeli apartheid.

You live a long life; you never get used to the phonies who exploit political tragedies & suck up to power.

Build & honor the economic, cultural, & academic boycott of apartheid Israel. It will help enormously with the dyspepsia from reading the news or watching these phonies in action.

(Photo by Jules Mahe/AFP/Getty Images)

Distinctive feature of sweatshop economics is disregard for worker safety & health

Sri Lanka gunpowder worker (Sanka Gayashan:Shutterstock) Dec 10 2015

One of the distinctive features of sweatshop economics, as well as non-unionized workshops everywhere, is the reckless disregard for workplace safety & long-term health of workers. It’s as if history is moving backwards to the early barbarism of the industrial revolution–complete with child labor.

These are the gunpowder-covered hands of a worker in a Sri Lankan fireworks factory. Since its invention in 9th century China, gunpowder has been a military & industrial mainstay used in warfare & mining. Today, it’s mainly used in fireworks for pyrotechnic displays, firecrackers, older guns, & some grenades. Science has developed more powerful ways to kill people & blow things up.

Gunpowder is a mixture of sulfur, charcoal, & potassium nitrate (saltpeter). The toxicity of gunpowder is usually reported as low. But if you go to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each of those ingredients, you see a different story. The MSDS is a system used in US manufactories cataloguing chemicals according to toxicity, health effects, reactivity, storage, disposal, protective equipment, & spill handling procedures. It’s intended for workers & emergency personnel. MSDS are not the bible of chemicals because they are provided by the chemical manufacturers, contain only essential information, & often omit important problems with the chemicals. It’s a baseline kind of thing, not comprehensive analysis nor full disclosure.

So if you go to the MSDS for gunpowder ingredients, you can read what dangers it presents for this Sri Lankan man in his workplace–& they are considerable, including its explosive & flammable properties. For his general health, working with gunpowder without protective equipment like gloves, masks, or hazmat attire, is absolutely criminal. The list of potential health hazards is a mile long. To name only a few: skin, eye, pulmonary, & respiratory tract irritations & diseases (asthma, emphysema, bronchitis); constipation & rectal ulcers; gastrointestinal disorders & vomiting; blood disorders like anemia, cyanosis, brown-colored blood; convulsions; headaches; dizziness; inability to breath; rapid heart rate; sinus problems; unconsciousness; & of course, an early death.

Unions have gotten a bad rap in the past several decades because they’re more often dues-gathering operations rather than a vehicle for workers to protect themselves in the workplace. They’re also often run by hotshots who never saw the inside of a minimum wage factory & hold working people in contempt. (That’s not too harsh a judgement.) Unions must be transformed where they are corrupted & built where they don’t exist because working people have a right to a safe & healthy working environment. We are not chattels to be used & disposed of like garbage. In what is becoming the mantra of neoliberalism, the barbaric phase of capitalism, ‘we are human beings & not beasts of burden’.

(Photo by Sanka Gayashan/Shutterstock)

Islamophobic panic has Americans packing pistols

To show how nuts the US is getting, the FBI reported that last Friday 180,000 new guns were purchased & thousands are signing up for shooting classes.

There are only six states (inexplicably including Texas) which do not allow open carry of handguns. In the other 44, you can carry a gun in a holster for all to see. When I get hassled by some smart-ass, I understand the impulse to shoot somebody’s brains out. That’s why I don’t carry a gun. If it was allowed to pack in Texas, I might holster a toy pistol just to scare off. But it is damn scary that so many unhinged, scared people are packing. It gives you pause when you need to smart off to somebody to back them off.

Netanyahu criticizes Trump for anti-Muslim hysteria: fascism & farce

When Netanyahu criticizes Trump, fascism is given a run for its money by farce. Our man, who himself is not that far from fascist in sentiment, said in part, “The State of Israel respects all religions.” How does that happen in a Jewish-only state? And where ethnic cleansing is state policy?

To show his confused commitment to ecumenism, Netanyahu is going ahead with his scheduled meeting with Trump. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall for that encounter? They may be hotshots in the world but they’re both still dumb-asses with scary contemptible politics. There’s no nice way to put that. Is that a political assessment? Hell yes.

Marx famously said, ‘History repeats itself–first as tragedy & then as farce.’ Scully has added her piece to this by saying that under neoliberal capitalism, you regrettably can’t tell the difference between the two.