The Gateway to Hell lies with fracking

This burning crater called “The Gateway to Hell” is in the Karakum desert of Turkmenistan. If reckless plunder weren’t the neoliberal ethos, it would stand as a giant red alert against fracking.

In 1971, Soviet petroleum engineers began excavating for oil & came across one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world. But the ground collapsed during drilling, creating this sinkhole. Fearing the crater would emit poisonous gases & thinking to outsmart nature, the engineers set the thing on fire expecting it to burn off. Forty-four years later it’s still burning, emitting the noxious smell of sulphur.

About five years ago, the president of Turkmenistan named Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, showed he hasn’t learned a damn thing from the sinkhole & ordered it sealed so it won’t impede efforts to increase production of natural gas for export. And still it burns.

Berdimuhamedow’s regime has been cited by several groups for all sorts of human rights violations including discrimination against ethnic groups, suppression of freedom of the press, religion, & dissent, & restrictions on citizens traveling. Not unlike Stalinist regimes & very much like neoliberal regimes. The country is something of a gulag with a personality cult around the less than redoubtable Berdi. Last year a Chinese oil company, likely sucking up to Berdi to get a leg up on plunder, paid Jennifer Lopez $1.5 million bucks to sing “Happy Birthday” to him in a private performance. She later apologized saying she wasn’t aware of Berdi’s human rights record. She should fire her minions but it still doesn’t erase the unseemly image of her groveling for money.

(Photo by Igor Sasin/AFP/Getty Images)

Alan Dershowitz doesn’t like being identified as a child rapist

Alan Dershowitz complained to the Jerusalem Post today that “anti-Israeli zealots are loving” accusations against him. Actually we’re sickened that he would rape young girls. We’re outraged this degenerate creep would touch innocence to harm. We’re just not surprised.

What we do love, without apology, is that one of his victims is bringing him down. And we love that henceforward he won’t be able to show his ugly face & spew his rancid lies about Palestinians without the stench of child molestation filling up the venue.