Why stop with prosecuting Bush-Cheney for CIA torture? Let’s go after them all, including Obama!

What’s with all the clamor for prosecuting the Bush-Cheney gang for sanctioning torture? Why stop there when Obama campaigned to close Guantanamo & end torture but instead continued both? Bush is conscienceless; Cheney is a psychopath, one gene away from a slug. Obama campaigned like he could distinguish evil. So if he can pretend a conscience, we can pretend to let him walk scot free of the stench & culpability of this report. He needs to face the music for these unspeakable¬†crimes along with the Bush regime.

But this isn’t even just about the Bush & Obama regimes. The CIA was formed just after WWII as a US agency of the Cold War & has been involved in assassinations, coups, nefarious activities, torture since then. That’s their defined mission. According to Alfred W. McCoy, author of “A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror”, the CIA spent billions just from the inception of the Cold War to the early 1960s to develop torture techniques which they used in Vietnam, the Philippines under Marco, Iran under the Shah, & at Abu Ghraib in Iraq. Now they involve regimes in other countries by teaching secret police around the world their torture techniques & by setting up torture centers abroad to elude oversight in the US.

The organization is rotten at its core; it’s not salvageable nor reformable. The global movement for justice must demand it’s crimes be exposed, it’s representatives hounded, it’s edifice be dismantled, & its members prosecuted. All those who sanctioned them, including those who allocated funds, need be held accountable & prosecuted too. It is the least we can do to provide justice for those who have suffered unspeakably & died at their hands.

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