The Victoria’s Secret Aryan thing

Because I only get four TV channels my viewing options are quite limited. But even beggars have their standards. I can’t do soap operas, game shows (Though I must admit I do like checking Vanna White’s gowns.), or the Victoria’s Secret special tonight.

I don’t mind that young women strut in their underwear & ridiculous wing get-ups. The standards of 6 feet tall women under 100 pounds each is disturbing but we’re used to that. You know what’s the most creepy? That it’s a white¬†supremacy parade. There’s something so Aryan (in the Nazi sense) about it all & I don’t think I’m just reading that ethos into this spectacle. The models are mostly blond but even if they threw a brunette in it wouldn’t change anything. If they threw in a Black model that wouldn’t change anything.

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