Whither the left goes on women’s liberation: only a fool would follow

Once again we are being urged to organize the annual Go Topless day on August 23rd (the closest Sunday to Women’s Equality Day on August 26th celebrating the right to vote in the US). Women & men are urged to go topless in public to stand up for women’s rights. This is a complete mockery of feminism & the fight for women’s liberation. The Go Topless organization was formed in 2007 & was certainly the inspiration for Slut Walks in 2011, another mockery of women’s struggle against oppression–then hailed by misguided radicals as the regeneration of feminism.

Go Topless is organized by men–as Slut Walks was in several cities. Go Topless organizers belong to the RaĆ«lian Movement, a UFO religion founded in 1974 that teaches life on Earth was scientifically created by extraterrestrials. And their theology goes downhill from there. They want the swastika reclaimed as a symbol of peace which is why Israel refused them an embassy that would serve as a landing port for extraterrestrial spaceships. The country already has more nuts than it can handle.

All this crap would be fodder for satire if so damn many leftists didn’t go bananas for it over & over again. At what point will those who make claims to social criticism recognize nonsense when they see it? More importantly, at what point will they begin to take women’s fight against oppression seriously & stop confusing it with legitimizing porn & prostitution?

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