Whitewashing Assad & his propagandists must be challenged

Reuters photo from AJ of Assad mural

This article from Al Jazeera by Malak Chabkoun discusses the necessity of polemically challenging Assad propagandists like Eva Bartlett & Vanessa Beeley.

This isn’t a mean-spirited personal disagreement with either of them; on their own, propagandists don’t merit it but they speak for the Assad regime & the most reactionary political forces in the world. Nor is this a platonic dispute that can be handled in an Oxford Forum collegial kind of way.

This is a battle to defend the Syrian revolution involving millions of people against dictatorship & foreign military intervention. It is a historic battle that will decisively impact the Palestinian struggle against apartheid & colonialism, the future of democracy in the Middle East & reverberate around the world, strengthening or weakening struggles against war & crimes against humanity. That’s how important it is & is not an overstatement.

This is a political fight for the soul & integrity of the antiwar movement which leading activists are compromising by supporting dictatorship & abandoning the foundational principles of international solidarity so they can support Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians. No one gets to hijack the antiwar movement without a fight.

Some may find the polemics tedious & too tendentious. But not those who understand what is at stake.