Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas to all my friends, including those who do not celebrate it as a religious holiday. We should think of it as a celebration of our common humanity, not as a doctrinal difference that divides us.

We sustained a rough year in 2016 but I am blessed by friends around the world who share a common vision that in unity human beings can create a world free of inequality, war, & detestable social hatreds of every kind. Our only chance is to never give up on the human race because all our children deserve a world filled with love & laughter.

I receive so many blessings throughout the year from you & cherish every one of them. I’m a great believer in their power & call on them often. Thank you so much.

My wish for all of you & your beloved is the same generous blessings you send me. For so many friends on the front lines of struggle against war, occupation, genocide, we wish also that your relentless efforts to educate us about your struggle will at last bring out the big battalions of international solidarity to stand with you & face the oppressors down.

May you all be blessed. Thank you so much for your friendship which educates & inspires me in so many ways.