Where Black kids wear their pants is a civil rights issue not a matter of public indecency

Many people get bent out of shape about Black teens wearing their jeans low on their butts. Mini skirts & cleavage don’t distress them but seeing a kid’s BVDs send school boards & city officials into paroxysms of indignation. There are all sorts of school & municipal ordinances banning them. Parents don’t have to like the practice & can wrangle with their kids but that’s a very different issue from legal bans.

So let’s be frank. It’s a civil rights issue & very likely an act of defiance on the part of kids who are sick of being targeted. Black kids should be able to wear their jeans as low as they want because there’s no public indecency involved at all; they’re not exposing their butts. The ordinances are only a means of legal harassment & are part of the war on Black youth.

To show where this kind of crap leads, a newly released video of a November 2013 incident in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana shows Erwin Edwards, a 38-year-old Black man arrested for wearing sagging pants (which are banned in the city), was tasered to death by six cops in a holding cell. The coroner ruled the cause of death as “undetermined” & a result of “acute cocaine & phencyclidine (PCP) intoxication in association with restraint by law enforcement.”

A police department review of the incident found no criminal wrongdoing but the video testifies otherwise. The sheriff’s office has turned over the findings to the US Department of Justice which has already let the murderers of Michael Brown & Trayvon Martin get off scot-free.

This is a video of the assault so you can judge for yourself if there was any criminal wrongdoing. May Mr. Edwards RIP.


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