“Je suis Charlie”, my ass!

Charlie Hebdo racist cartoon (Apr 25 2015)

Let’s hear a thunderous chorus of “Je suis Charlie” now. Let’s see if every one of the asses who farted about free speech to have a go at Muslims will utter a peep of outrage over this monstrous racism. Let’s see if pedants will chide us now for missing the point & being thick about satire.

If we are restrained by mercy from having a lynching party, why not instead a thunderous chorus of denunciations for the politicians who gathered for free speech (my ass!) in Paris last January & are now refusing entry to hundreds of thousands of immigrants? Those immigrants are our brothers & sisters & we take their drownings as seriously as we take our own families. The monsters who can work up a laugh should be shunned & vilified for pandering to the most backward violent forces in modern times.

“Je suis Charlie,” my ass! Je suis African, Syrian, Eritrean, Palestinian, Afghan, Iraqi!

(Photo is April 22 2015 cover of Charlie Hebdo)

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