What happened to Oliver Stone to reduce him to putty before corrupt power?

What happened that Oliver Stone has completely lost his marbles over Putin? Stone has the resources to investigate the political character of Putin & the political conditions in Russia which are massively repressive. That makes his sycophancy entirely willful & from the point of view of Russian working people, utterly detestable.

His kid Sean is no better as a moderator on RT & ardent Assadist who interviews paid Assad propagandists like Eva Bartlett & know-nothing honoraria hounds like Rania Khalek for insight into Syria.

Their problem is not a lack of critical judgement but that in their political minds it is strong leaders who matter & make social change, regardless of their brutality, & not working people. The Stalinist & Maoist, the pro-Cuba & Venezuela movements are based on such groveling to power, an unseemly phenomenon which requires analysis. Exactly what is the appeal of kissing ass? The answers may lie more in class psychology than politics.

Haven’t watched the Putin interviews by Oliver Stone but this is an article I wrote on Sean Stone’s interview with Khalek on RT: