Redecorating Buckingham Palace versus safety maintenance on Grenfell Towers

Grenfell missing posters (Paul Hackett:Reuters) June 16 2017
Buckingham Palace is scheduled for a £369 million (US $472 million) refurbishment. The maintenance is bankrolled by taxpayers rather than the indolent Windsor clan. There is a backlog of necessary repairs like outdated wiring & leaks in the roof & the state rooms have not been redecorated since 1952.

Bankrolling the moochocracy is one reason there was no fire alarm or sprinkler system in Grenfell Towers. Neoliberal austerity economics are the double whammy for working people.

That’s why they don’t know the death toll, can’t identify all the bodies, & people are still looking for their loved ones.
When such a catastrophe happened to the Twin Towers in NYC nearly 16 years ago, the US started bombing Afghanistan in retaliation. What do the Windsor clan & British government suggest should be done now?

(Photo by Paul Hackett/Reuters)