UN charges Israel for egregious mistreatment of Palestinian women

This weekend, while the Zionist group StandWithUs holds their conference in Los Angeles titled “Combating the Boycott Movement Against Israel (BDS): Understanding the BDS Movement’s Strategies & Tactics,” the UN Commission on the Status of Women has just given us one more reason to support the economic & cultural boycott of Israel. The UN, which repeatedly covers for Israeli human rights crimes against Palestinians, singled Israel out for egregious mistreatment of Palestinian women in all aspects of life. How’s that for “the only democracy in the Middle East”!?

Such an accusation won’t be comfortable for liberal Zionists so Israel’s UN Ambassador Ron Prosor brought out the Zionist stock-in-trade when they’re nailed for human rights crimes: crocodile tears about being persecuted & demonized. He claimed the UN is being ‘cynically exploited & fed anti-Israel incitement’ by Palestinians. “Honor killings in the Palestinian Authority are a matter of daily occurrence,” he claimed, & Palestinians should take responsibility. If the crocodile tears don’t work & all else fails, drag out Islamophobia.

Another Israeli diplomat, Nelly Shiloh, spoke in Arabic to blame Palestinians for using the UN to blame & attack Israel–the same poor beleaguered little country that has one of the most bloated military apparatuses in the world & leveled most of Gaza with squadrons of bombers last summer.

Forty-five countries participated in the vote on the UN resolution condemning Israel. Predictably, only Israel & the US opposed the censure. Thirteen countries abstained, including (again predictably) the European Union.

In his diatribe Prosor did point out one relevant fact: “There are 193 member states in the UN, & they include countries that butcher men & women, jail both male & female journalists, execute female oppositionists & legislate laws against women.” He was speaking, of course, about the US & its other allies.

Build the hell out of the economic & cultural boycott of Israel. It’s apparently having quite an impact. And demand “no aid of any kind to Israel!”

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