U.N. goes after North Korea. Ignores Mexico, U.S., Haiti, Brazil, Congo, Afghanistan, Iraq

A UN Commission of Inquiry has laid out a slate of accusations against North Korea for wide-spread human rights abuses & crimes against humanity including torture, political repression, executions, labor camps. Based on interviews with unspecified witnesses, the commission claims North Koreans face “unspeakable atrocities” & it’s trying to get the UN Security Council to refer North Korea to the International Criminal Court.

Wow! Things must really be bad over there. We didn’t realize the UN could take such drastic action on the basis of second-hand information. It does make you wonder though why the US isn’t charged with something for shooting hundreds of unarmed Black kids down in the streets, for tossing thousands of them into prison for minor offenses like scratching their asses in public? Why aren’t they charging Mexico with some heavy accusations for disappearing at least 30,000 people in the past 8 years & for the deaths of 100,000 civilians in their so-called war on drugs? What about Israel & Operation Ethnic Cleansing in Gaza & the violent land expropriations in the West Bank? And come to think about it, what about Brazil, Congo, Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq & a dozen later places? They wouldn’t even have to rely on second-hand testimony for those countries.

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