On Bono, the minstrel of neoliberalism, the barbaric phase of capitalism

Apparently Bono (the minstrel name for Paul Hewson) sustained more serious injuries in that bike accident than at first thought–when they say he swerved to avoid hitting another biker. Given the reception for the last U2 album, foul play may be involved. Either that or a publicity stunt.

When they were producing the album earlier this year, Bono admitted “We felt like we were on the verge of irrelevance a lot in our lives.” Musical fans have been feeling the same thing forĀ a long time now. Political observers are more damning & eschew the judgement of irrelevant for that of obsequious before power. What other self-respecting Irish citizen would accept an honorary knighthood from Betty Windsor for humanitarian service to Africa? The British moochocracy & former colonial power wouldn’t know humanitarian if it came up & kicked them in the ass. And neither would Bono.

First the rear hatch flew off his plane mid-flight; now this bike incident. At first it looked like karma. Now it’s looking more & more like someone’s out to get him to keep the band from touring. Whatever works.

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