Trump & the Idiocy Question

Counterpunch published an article titled “Trump & the Islam Question” after he again recently exposed his xenophobia, racism, & utter stupidity in New Hampshire responding to a halfwit in the audience who called out the ‘problem we have in this country called Muslims.’

The article is useful but the author overestimates Trump’s intelligence by claiming Trump adeptly calculates how to ‘play the race card.’ He does!?

Trump is a narcissistic blowhard who doesn’t know a damn thing about anything. And in truth, as president he wouldn’t have to because of all those think tanks. His speeches, even at the debates, are full of bombast & boasts without a shred of political content–except for the grunting, chest-pounding expressions of primitive social hatred for women, immigrants, Blacks, Latinos. (Apologies to gorillas for the invidious comparison.)

Is there any point to take him on about politics? What say we gather & do our own chest-pounding? Nothing scares a hateful intellectual puffball like Trump more than the exercise of political power by the very people he detests as inferior.