There’s another Mary Scully writing rightwing trash in my name

In looking in the Facebook archives for my 2013 posts about the massacre of Muslim Brotherhood activists by the Al-Sisi regime in Egypt, I came across a different Mary Scully who posted favorably about Al-Sisi attending Christmas Eve Mass at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo. She even quoted words she thought inspiring from his sermon about Egyptian unity. Unity bought at the price of repression, torture, mass disappearances & incarceration, & bloodshed

That Mary Scully has a cover photo of the Blessed Virgin Mary so she is surely another of us named in her honor. We’ll leave it to heaven to decide which one has strayed from the path of righteousness but if politics matter, it sure as hell shouldn’t be me.

In any case, this may require making a permanent name change to Valentina Valestockovich absolutely essential to avoid any confusion with the more saintly & politically rightwing Mary Scully.