As U.S. left continues to degenerate, they wonder why working people continue to ignore them

Let’s go straight to the point here: the furor over the two Black women interrupting Sanders at the Seattle rally is way out of proportion to the “offense” & that’s the tip-off that something else is going on here–i.e., racism. And I don’t hesitate to add, misogyny that two Black women would have such chutzpah as to interrupt a white man. Wow! Speak of intersectionality!

As Alice Bach pointed out, the women asked for a moment of silence for the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s murder. They couldn’t even get a moment of silence in a four-minute interruption because everybody was so eager to hear Sanders drone on about social security.

Once again, their little faux-pas, their little violation of good manners was no big deal; the only big deal is the ferocity of the racism expressed against these women by white progressives.

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