British jihadists trained by ISIS planning on blowing Betty Windsor to smithereens

Betty Windsor August 10 2015

How can Betty look so calm when British jihadis are plotting to blow her up next weekend along with Phil, who she’s always called her “anus horribilis,” & some of her worthless kids? British authorities say they have it on good authority that the plot is being masterminded from Syria by Islamic State commanders.

No arrests have been made so far but counter-terrorism officers are monitoring the plot’s development closely. Well what the hell are they waiting for? The jihadis to land at Heathrow & start chopping off heads?

Following in the footsteps of the ink cartridge & underwear bombers, the ISIL guys will be detonating a pressure cooker bomb in Central London. So if you’re walking out & about in Central London next weekend you might want to avoid any guys ambling with a Kalashnikov rifle in one hand & a pressure cooker in the other–& clear the area around Betty & her entourage.

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