The travesty of US justice

The US Justice Department (JD) is running two investigations related to the police murder of Michael Brown last August. One is whether the cop violated Brown’s civil rights during the summary execution. Because, so it’s claimed, it’s difficult to prove willful intent beyond a reasonable doubt, no one expects civil rights charges will be filed against the cop. Didn’t someone once say, “the law is an ass”? Shouldn’t those who parse law to turkey trot around justice be thrown out of the practice on their ears?

There are also reports the JD will file a lawsuit against the Ferguson Police Department for discrimination against Blacks. Future prosecutors take note: any trial will be a real study in legal maneuvering.

Just a reminder that the JD is still investigating civil rights violations in the vigilante murder of Trayvon Martin in February 2012. What’s that mantra about ‘justice delayed’?

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