The corrupting influence of Zionism

Anyone confused about the political character of Zionism should check out their umpteen sites on Facebook. There is such disassociation from reality, such belligerence, racism, & hatred that what at first can seem amusing becomes deeply troubling.

Most are convinced the US betrays Israel; they’re fixated on & demonize Hamas; & they repeat Israeli military claims like they come from scripture. It is laughable when they claim Hamas strapped explosives to a donkey to attack Israeli troops in Gaza during Israel’s carpet bombing last summer. The military claimed it opened fire, killing the donkey & detonating the explosives. That becomes more odious when they liken that to the Israeli claim that Palestinians use their children as human shields to justify targeting children in Gaza.

What’s disturbing about all this & not one whit funny is that Zionism has so twisted people psychologically, intellectually, morally, & politically that paranoia is their normal state of mind, that they believe crazy-assed ideas as though they were rational, that they hate so irrationally as they do.

If this assessment is wrong, please suggest a Zionist Facebook site where the theoretical & political level doesn’t look like farce on the surface, folly in the commitments, & tragedy in the corruption of young people.

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