The importance of defending Kashmiri human rights leader Khurram Parvez

The importance of defending Khurram Parvez against imprisonment solely for being a human rights activist cannot be emphasized enough. It is not that his life is of greater value than the tens of thousands of others disappeared, tortured, incarcerated in Kashmir but that he has played a leading & fearless role in defending all other victims & in exposing & documenting the crimes of the occupation.

Signing on to this page is not going to spring him out of the gulag but is part of an expanding campaign to protect him from harm, to demand his immediate & unconditional release so that he can continue to defend other activists in Kashmir. He has used social media to build solidarity with them & we must use it to build solidarity with him.

It took a few hours to invite almost everyone on my friend list of 5,000 people & only 370 have responded. Get with the program. A man’s life & human rights work is at stake.