The US airstrikes on Deir ez-Zor & the twisted reporting by Assadists & non-Assadists

It’s hard to believe the four US airstrikes last night in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor were just a military blunder from lack of coordination with the Russian military. The US has the most sophisticated military equipment in the world.

It’s possible a blunder was involved when so many countries are flying war planes & have ground troops & paramilitaries in the region, but how many of these blunders before Armageddon begins?

The problem with reporting on this incident, from both Assadists & anti-Assadists, is that they draw political conclusions based only on speculations. Most writing about Syria is in fact of a military nature without offering a shred of insight into the political character of what is going on. Tendentious reporting of these military actions takes the place of political analysis. It’s hard to remember a previous US war where military reporting on every incursion dominated the political analyses. You shouldn’t have to be a military strategist to understand the reporting.

There is a US-Russian brokered cease fire in place in Syria. Why is the US flying sorties into Syria? Most of the cease fire agreement is secret even from the UN. What kind of dangerous game are the US, Russia, Syria, Israel, Iran & all the rest of them playing with the lives of Syrian civilians?