The election year doldrums for social activism

Not to be a know-it-all, but I have an observation from long years of activism that may prove useful to younger activists finding this a hard time to get things moving. Election years kick the bejeezus out of independent political action; things get slower than molasses when many activists & people in general start focusing on candidates. That’s likely true in other countries as well.

That’s no reason at all to cancel actions but expectations need be more modest & perhaps actions more creative–& activists need be careful not to turn frustrations on each other.

By more creative actions, it doesn’t mean activists have to stand naked on main street bouncing balls off their heads like trained seals to garner media attention but perhaps forums, teach-ins, etc.–though small rallies are still effective.

There are wars to oppose & BDS to build & we can’t wait for the next president to disprove all our hopes again before we act.

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