The debasement of U.S. electoral lesser evil politics

You know what’s a lot more disturbing than the politically unhinged Ben Carson now being the Republican frontrunner in the polls? That Bernie Sanders is still the leading candidate of the left. But it’s all of a piece in US electoral politics which are stripped of international content & where rhetoric reigns.

The hallmark of leftists who hail Sanders as the savior of US politics is elitism & indifference to international issues like war & ethnic cleansing–at heart an indifference to the lives of working people everywhere.

If you call yourself a leftist & don’t have a broader political vision than the two-party shell game, you might be the left’s version of a redneck & you’re way behind in the learning curve. The overwhelming majority of working people in this country haven’t voted in years because they know there is no difference between the two parties. Will the so-called left ever catch up to the people they claim to lead?