The dead-end of lesser evil politics

Lesser evil politics is the entrenched system of US politics but it’s pernicious & intended to undermine a principled attitude toward politics. It’s also sneaky as all get-out. Elizabeth Warren sent an alarmist email today saying Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee emerged from a secret meeting to announce they would not consider an Obama Supreme Court nominee & it would have to wait until the next president takes office in 2017. We’re expected to freak out about that like the republic depends on machinations between saviors & chumps.

We’ve seen a parade of saviors & chumps in both the White House & the Supreme Court & their politics are indistinguishable on all the important issues. There are no saviors, especially of the lesser evil kind, in politics anywhere. If people want things to change in the direction of democracy, peace, & human rights, there is no alternative to active, public engagement in the movements fighting for them.

The US antiwar movement, which though small & weak continues to exist, & is made up of many solid activists who vote lesser evil but still stand steadfast against war. If you’re going to vote lesser evil, that’s the only way to do it.