Short now defined as disability?

A local clinic advertises medical intervention for children of short stature–like being short was a disease. I was always short & still am at 5′ 2″ (if I stand up straight, 5′ 3″). It was considered adorable to be small when I was a little girl so when I learned it was an undesirable trait, I was too old to develop an inferiority complex. Maybe to others I need elongating therapy but to me, I’m still adorable. Mouthy, but adorable.

Shorter men really get it in the jugular about height. There’s all that “Napoleon complex” crap you get accused of when you’re just being normally macho. But wow, can it be cruel! And demeaning!

It seems the height of irresponsibility to bring little kids for treatment just for being short. Kids develop–physically & mentally–at different paces. There are many who are short in their teens & go through growth spurts later. But what the hell is wrong with being short? Why risk giving them a complex about being short? Why can’t that be seen as one of the infinite varieties of being human–& beautifully human?