The connections between Palestinians, Kashmiris, & Rohingya Muslims

As we witness the extremes of violence perpetrated by Israel against Palestinians, we should remember there is another Intifada going on in Kashmir which receives as little media coverage as Palestinian Intifada once did–where young & old stand defiant armed only with with rocks against the brutal occupation of 700,000 Indian soldiers.

Most people have no idea what has been going on in Kashmir because there is a news blackout. It is a killing field where four million Muslims are subject to arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial assassinations, disappearances, mass graves, rape, torture, curfews, checkpoints.

The deepening alliance between Israel & India is not coincidental at all; nor is the growing alliance between Israel & the Myanmar regime which is engaged in the brutal ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims.

When we do educational work to build solidarity with Palestine, we can yoke these other struggles (through inviting speakers from them) in the spirit of solidarity & help to bring them out of the shadows where so many violent human rights crimes are perpetrated.