The commemoration of 9/11/2001: a festival of Islamophobic war-mongering

Every year since 9/11/2001, I have dreaded the patriotic, Islamophobic war-mongering that comes with commemoration of the day & grieve the anniversary next month of the invasion of Afghanistan.

That morning I was home & watched the entire thing unfold on television in utter disbelief & am not detached from the horror. Who knew then the price millions of people would pay for that pointless act of terrorism? Not just the thousands of victims & their families but the hundreds of first responders (police & firemen) who died or suffer chronic health & psychological problems as a result–& of course the people of Afghanistan & Pakistan who continue to bear the brunt of US military revenge.

The only worthy commemoration is to rebuild the international antiwar movement to end US militarism which is the root of the reactionary & violent politics of terrorism.