The Jim Crow racism & segregation in American country music

What’s up with the Academy of Country Music Awards? Blacks have sung the country genre for a long time. They don’t just do gospel, blues, jazz, rap, & rock. They dominate music & not just in the US. But there isn’t a single Black person anywhere in that audience that I can see.

Alicia Keys, who is not a country singer, is on the program probably as window dressing to forestall criticism of racism & segregation in the industry. She’d be the perfect candidate for that since she refused to honor the cultural boycott of Israel after months of appeals (including a personal appeal from Alice Walker) & performed there as a flunky for apartheid.

Why isn’t Mickey Guyton, a Black country singer, on the program? She was nominated by the ACM for best new female vocalist of the year just last April. Doesn’t she make more sense than an R&B singer like Keys?

In the 21st century it’s the creepiest thing you ever saw to see an audience that looks like Jim Crow America.

We’ll do our own tribute to Black country singers. This is Guyton, a Texan, singing her hit “Better Than You Left Me.”