One of the arts of politics is knowing when to save your breath

Every once in a while one of my posts about Kashmir attracts packs of nationalists in a frenzied state to defend the honor of Modi. Rabidity (in the sense of deranged convulsions) is a word that comes to mind.

It feels a lot like being at a Donald Trump convention or at the Vampire’s Ball. But I come from a rightwing family so sometimes it reminds me of a family reunion & not in an endearing way.

There’s always those who want to take them on but as I have made abundantly clear, one of the arts of politics is knowing when to save your breath. At my age, another consideration is preserving adrenalin for the things that really matter in life. This is where the block button is like a magic wand.

If you think me intolerant & want to engage with them, just let me know & I’ll refer them to your wall. It will only take a few months of their vituperations for you to realize the wisdom of my words.

Conservative thinkers are seldom persuaded by reason so much as by political power. So the real work is supporting Kashmiri resistance & building solidarity & leaving the pissing contests to others.