The clown show of U.S. electoral politics part of the game

International observers of US electoral politics can be forgiven for thinking Republican (GOP) candidates are just there for comedic relief since they provide no end of banal idiocies & hopelessly stupid remarks. They don’t come dumber. Just when you think Donald Trump takes the cake, Mike Huckabee pipes in, or Bobby Jindal–& all hell breaks lose in idiocy.

In fact, the Republicans play a central role in politics. Just as the Democrat’s purpose is to manage & control dissent from the left, the GOP’s is to manage crazies & reactionary ideologues on the right. Those who espouse ideas of the Confederacy, misogyny & mangled views on female anatomy, anti-immigration xenophobia represent big money forces in US politics who want white & male supremacy & social hatreds of all kinds written into the already dead-ass Constitution. The GOP provides a window into the gestalt of US rule.

It’s not that the Democratic Party represents the progressive wing of oligarchy; there is no such thing in the era of neoliberalism, the barbaric phase of capitalism. The DP is there solely to manage dissent from liberals & the left.

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