The baby face of modern immigration

The baby face of immigration ( Angelos Tzortzinis:AFP:Getty Images) Apr 30 2015

The baby face of modern immigration: a Greek coast guard officer (notably deficient in nurturing skills) is carrying an infant off a boat at Lesbos, an island flooded with immigrants fleeing Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, African countries, & elsewhere. We aren’t told whether either of the baby’s parents have survived.

The SYRIZA government has promised more humane treatment of immigrants but they have a lot of remedial ground to cover since the previous regime was so barbaric. Before SYRIZA took office, conditions for immigrants in Lesbos were reported as lacking sufficient facilities or housing of any kind. Immigrants were seen sleeping under cars to protect themselves from rain & cold.

The high number of children belies the propaganda against immigrants. We wonder how Greece will “process” the large numbers of unaccompanied minors. Will they warehouse them in abandoned army barracks like the US does? Will they deport them like the South African government does? Will they fingerprint & deport them like Europe & Israel are doing to most undocumented immigrants?

Immigration is a human right! We hope this baby will elude the ugly forces of racist immigration & lead a blessed life.

(Photo by Angelos Tzortzinis/AFP/Getty Images)

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