Baltimore is bringing racism out from under its rock

Allow me to say, I haven’t seen so much stupid racist rubbish expressed in a long time as Baltimore has evoked. The last time I saw it was just after the O.J. Simpson verdict in 1995. And just like now, it was in media & common conversation among whites. I heard it all around me & felt quite threatened by it as if it was a parallel dimension akin to hell.

In a stroke of historic good fortune, the Million Man March took place in Washington, DC a week or so after the verdict, which had conservative politics but drew hundreds of thousands of Blacks. Power is so damn persuasive. All the jibber-jabber of social hatred stopped on a dime & went back into hiding. Black power is the answer now too. And the long-term solution.

It’s times like these when whites can realize what Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, and others face all the time.

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