Tariq Ali is a dried up petrified prune, not a leader of the left

Many think of Tariq Ali as an elder statesman of the left. Actually he’s more like a dried up petrified prune. There’s no energy left in his politics. It’s like the living dead to listen to him. His betrayals on Syria are beyond the pale: the great revolutionist marching with David Icke in defense of Assad’s dictatorship & in defense of Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians.

Now he posts that banal sorry-assed objection of Ajamu Baraka to the White Helmets winning an Oscar. Baraka, like Ali, supports Assad & Russian bombing but gets on his high horse because those pulling bodies & survivors out of the rubble of bombing are not a “neutral humanitarian group” but partisans of the revolution against Assad. So Ali & Baraka can be partisans of counter-revolution but the Syrian White Helmets should go through the trauma of being bombed & watching people die in their arms & stay neutral?

Those two schnooks are considered leaders of the western left? In a pig’s eye. They’re leaders of the lefts degeneration.