States preparing to use RICO laws against peaceful protesters

CBS reported that several states are preparing legislation to use RICO racketeering laws against protestors. RICO is used for hardened criminals & mafia types for crimes like murder, kidnapping, drug & human trafficking. It would be pioneering legal territory to use it against peaceful protesters.

This is where those damn anarchists who love to break the windows of banks & businesses are a problem that will have be addressed by protest organizers. They think of protests not as social movements to make change but as a demolition derby or a place to work out their unresolved aggression problems.

This is the time to shape up for the cynics & misanthropes who natter on about the political insufficiencies of protesters because they haven’t protested wars going back 100 years. Either you stand with protesters to defend the rights of free speech & assembly or you sit at your computer indulging your hostilities against the protesters. It’s not more complicated than that.