Encounter at Tral near Srinagar: villagers gather to defend militants from occupying army


An encounter between the occupying army & militants is ongoing in a village in the Tral area, about 33 km / 20 miles from Srinagar. Based on a tip from its extensive surveillance network, special forces moved into the area, cordoned the area & targeted the house where three to five militants were hiding.

The encounter seems to be ongoing so reports are still incomplete & contradictory. According to some reports, there is heavy gunfire going on; according to another report, troops used improvised explosive devices to flatten the house while the militants were inside. The gunfire is likely one-sided, more of a massacre than a gunfight, since it’s a few militants against a battalion of special forces.

Although the army imposed a curfew to keep protesters away, they are coming from at least 15 different villages in the district to support the militants despite being assaulted with tear gas. This video shows men & women coming out to chase away armored vehicles moving in on the militants.

Our fullest solidarity with the stone-throwers who a nationalist pea-brain referred to as “jihadi stone throwers.”