Slavoj Zizek: the philosopher of Bernie Sanders socialists

There’s no need to do an exegesis of the latest droppings of Slavoj Zizek published in “In These Times” about the Paris attacks, the refugee crisis, ISIS, Islamophobia, & what the left should do about all that. He’s gone the way of Christopher Hitchens & just as pathetically–done in by xenophobia, narcissism, & small-minded arm-chair politics. He’s also a windbag who masks how little he has to say with maximum tonnage of obfuscations. That way he sounds like a percipient philosopher rather than the fool he is. He’s a suitable philosopher for Bernie Sanders socialism. They both rant; they’re both xenophobes & racists.

Time to get rid of false prophets; time to make room for the fresh air of intelligent unpretentious rebels rooted in actively trying to change the world–not in blow-hardism.