Sarcasm returns with a vengeance: murderous Egyptian regime denounces gunman in Copenhagen

Egypt just publicly denounced the two shootings in Copenhagen. Just when you think satire might be dead, something comes along to make your head explode, something that makes mockery of tragedy & irony & reduces it all to a mush of obscenity & farce. This latest fiasco is a continuation of that “Je suis” spectacle in Paris led by Netanyahu & other war criminals.

At least Felipe, the giant sponge who calls himself king of Spain, had the smarts to stay home & strut around the palace in a military uniform muttering damnations over Charlie Hebdo rather than show up in Paris marching for free speech when he’s cracking down on it in Spain. General el-Sisi’s regime is made of dumber stuff. Egypt’s Foreign Minister said there are distinctions between true Islam & the ideologies of “terrorist groups, which incite violence & killing.” He said it was important to respect religious symbols out of respect for Muslims but that disrespect does not justify use of violence against others. Who can argue with that!? It’s just that Egypt has murdered hundreds of activists, including massacring hundreds of Muslims when el-Sisi took over in July 2013 & since. Just a few weeks ago, they shot at unarmed protesters, murdering Shaimaa Sabagh. Hundreds have been jailed, tortured, disappeared. So where’s all the respect!?

Has the Egyptian regime expressed outrage over dozens of assaults & arsons against Muslims all over Europe & the US–like the shooting of the three young people in Chapel Hill last week? But it really wouldn’t matter if they did or didn’t because they’re shooting Muslim activists right & left in Egypt. Whatever they say would be more akin to flatulence.

According to latest reports, there is yet no certainty about the gunmen’s motives in Copenhagen. So why would Egypt jump to conclusions before all the forensics are in? A regime that runs kangaroo courts for dissidents doesn’t require evidence before it starts shooting. Why would it need evidence to start condemning?

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