Sandwich boards of denunciation to address collective guilt for everything that’s evil in the world

Until we can mobilize & beat back the tsunami of hatred, there is a ready solution for Muslims. You could all wear sandwich boards with a list of denunciations like “I denounce Muslims for opposing the Crusades;” “I denounce Muslims for inventing algebra,” (that would have special appeal to school children); “I denounce Muslims for ISIL.” There are endless possibilities since there are so many Muslims in the world. Somebody somewhere must have done something wicked.

The sandwich boards needn’t be made of cardboard. They could become a fashion accessory in many colors & fabrics making it easier to travel & get past customs.

Now there’s no reason to go hog-wild & insist Christians, Jews, & others wear sandwich boards of denunciation. When the atheist murdered three Muslim students in Chapel Hill this week, it was just over a parking space. When a Muslim family was assaulted at the supermarket in Dearborn last Thursday & when they torched the Islamic elementary school in Houston on Friday it had nothing to do with religion. Christians, Jews, & atheists don’t have fatwas. We prefer inquisitions.

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