Rollie Mukherjee locked out of Facebook because they can’t confirm her age? Yeah right!

Rollie's art

Rollie Mukherjee’s FB account is on lockdown. Neither she nor we can access her wall.

She emailed to tell me they are asking her to submit ID proof to confirm her age or they will delete her FB account within 28 days. For not knowing how old she is, they’ll lock down her account? Yeah right!

What this is really all about is petty-assed nationalist harassment. She has been dealing for a while with a nationalist troll denouncing her for “supporting stone pelters & azadi of Kashmir” & calling her “a shameless spineless bengali.”

Anyone who follows her posts knows she is a highly respected artist, a remarkable, peaceful, committed supporter of justice everywhere & four-square on the side of Kashmiri self-determination.

She is respected by Kashmiris & all others for her fearlessness, kindness & commitment to making this world a better place.

Our patience won’t last too long to see what happens with Rollie’s account. If a petition is required, it will be forthcoming.

(Photo is Rollie’s art from the cover of Kashmir Mirage journal)