Trump invites Duterte to White House for state visit

Duterte Apr 30 2017

In his second invitation to Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte for a state visit to the White House, Trump openly endorsed Duterte’s death squad campaign against the poor. This should be included as documentation in impeachment proceedings against Trump who has not divested himself of business interests in the Philippines, including particularly Trump Tower Manila.

Trump has a vested economic interest in Duterte’s policies of slum clearance through arson, forcible evictions, & death squad vigilantes.

Just as the US establishment is trying to clean up Trump’s demento image, there is clearly a campaign to establish serial killer Duterte as a statesman. He is scheduled for a state visit in the coming months to Russia & to Israel. He has already visited Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar, Xi Jinping in China. To complete the rounds of tyrants, he has yet to make a state visit to Modi, Assad, Erdogan, & al-Sisi.

Duterte cannot be allowed to enter this country without battalions of human rights activists out protesting his death squads along with the US military buildup in the Philippines.

(Photo is Demento Duterte from AP)