Refugee odyssey becoming more brutal as winter approaches & European Union still obstructs them


Immigration has not ceased because our attention has been focused on the Israeli rampage against Palestinians. What has become noticeable in the coverage is the increased trauma of refugees as European countries continue to close their borders against tens of thousands, force them to move from one border opening to another, or make them stand outside in inclement weather for processing as refugees.

Many are living without shelter in pouring rain with the danger of lightningstrikes & health risks from exposure without relief from cold & wet. Winter is fast approaching. What does the European Union intend to do? Let tens of thousands with small children, elderly, infirm, disabled stand outside in lines all winter to get papers?

Just so there’s no confusion, the US has every obligation along with the EU to provide in every way for these refugees since its monstrous wars created the problem in the first place. Where is Obama who expressed such concern for Israeli citizens allegedly being assailed by Palestinian “terrorists”? Oh that’s right! He’s on the other side.

Immigration is a human right! Open the damn borders!

(Top photo of refugees boarding train by Boris Grdanoski/AP; bottom photo of Iraqi refugee arriving in Greece from Turkey by Dimitris Michalakis/Reuters)