Prophecy: Hillary Clinton will not the be the Democratic candidate for president

If I¬†were Nostradamus or laying odds in Las Vegas I would say Hillary Clinton isn’t going to be the Democratic candidate for president. Not because “some vast right-wing conspiracy” is bringing her down but because she’s so damn corrupt & is married & politically associated with someone even more so.

That email stuff doesn’t amount to a hill of beans but the Clinton Foundation accepting millions from foreign governments & corporations whilst she was Secretary of State is consequential as all get-out. Since its formation in 2001, the Clinton Foundation has raised nearly $2 billion & tinkered with their bylaws to get that money past charges of ethics violations. The foundation claims it went to humanitarian projects, like in Haiti. Show us the proof.

It isn’t that she’d be the first corrupt president if elected but she certainly competes for first place. She’d also have to drag that lowlife political corpse with her into the White House. His alleged association with a pedophile ring is a scandal that could blow up on him whilst she’s president. It’s unlikely the ruling elite wants to chance the spectacle that would create. End of prophecy.

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