Propagandist Eva Bartlett: a farce in three acts

As a propagandist, Eva Bartlett is a farce in three acts. Yesterday, she claimed she was hitching back from Eastern Ghouta, now under Russian occupation, with testimony from residents that there was no chemical attack on April 7th. She wasn’t the least worried about getting kidnapped by one of those ‘head-chopping jihadis’ or of being bombed by Syria or Russia. She’s a brave girl, that Canadian lassie. Also a shameless bullshit artist.

Back in Damascus yesterday, she showed this video of a conversation–more an interrogation–with “a random taxi driver” wearing Syrian military fatigues who said he was a member of the Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA) units integrated with the Syrian Army based in Yarmouk refugee camp. Oh that Eva is a cagey cat. So much left unsaid. How did one of Assad’s most well-known propagandists just happen to end up in the cab of a Palestinian soldier who supports Assad? As Bogart in “Casablanca” would have asked: ‘Of all the taxis, in all the towns, in all the world, she hops into his?’ Presumably, the guy is an active duty soldier. Or why is he wearing army fatigues which is prohibited off-duty by most armies? Why is he driving a taxi in Damascus? Are the wages that low? Is there that much time off during a war? Our cabbie says he’s based with the army in Yarmouk, a Palestinian refugee camp which Syria has been pummeling for days, ostensibly to clean out ISIS & Al Qaeda cells. And Assad gave him time off during the siege? To set the record straight, the PLA has never been under Palestinian control. It is controlled by the host countries where Palestinian refugees live & in Syria it is a conscription army integrated into & controlled by the Syrian Army. Those Palestinians not willing to take up arms against the Syrian Arab Spring uprising ended up in Assad’s gulag where many have been tortured & killed.

The reason for this propaganda stunt is that the Assad regime & its ventriloquist dummy Bartlett have manipulated a parasitical relationship to Palestine solidarity. The bombing of Yarmouk refugee camp will certainly not stand well with Palestinians & most of their supporters. So Bartlett did this fake news stunt which at best is a farce & at worst is a disgrace to sustain the malignant lie that Assad is a supporter of Palestinian self-determination.