Politicizing the Islamic veil

Over the past few weeks I spent quite a while researching all the countries where Islamic veils (burqa, niqab, hijab, etc.) are banned. Exploiting feminism (which they anyway oppose) for reactionary purposes, governments, including those headed by Muslims, have politicized the veil & made it the focal point for discrimination & persecution of Muslims, a justification for denying asylum to refugees & for military intervention.

The geographic scope & character of the bans is quite alarming whilst only two countries (Iran & Saudi Arabia) mandate veiling for women. This is obviously an important discussion to understand how systematic & integrated Muslim-hating has become in world politics.

The problem is that the veil incites indignation up the wazoo & addressing it is considered a provocation. That is no reason why those of us who want to understand the issue should be reluctant to address it.

So I will be posting about the legal restrictions & outlawing of the veil & don’t want to take any guff about it. The post will be about what politicizing the veil means for women, Muslims, refugees, & for war. All comments about the theology, comfort, & judgements of its character as imposed would be inappropriate.