On those damn Clinton emails

After Clinton lost the election, the email furor came to an abrupt halt. Now the CIA claims Russian hackers were behind their release & those who talk the “Russian lives matter” nonsense are rushing to defend Putin from this accusation.

Maybe this is big news to those who didn’t grow up during the McCarthy witch-hunt, never watched the “I Led Three Lives” TV series about an FBI double agent or never read a John le CarrĂ© spy novel.

Spying is what the CIA & Putin’s revived KGB do. There’s no honor among spies & Putin would know that since he’s a former KGB agent in the USSR. Radio Free Europe has been blasting into Russia since the 1950s so if Russia hacked & released those emails, that’s the way the spy game operates. It could even be claimed Russia performed a service by exposing the corruption of the Democratic Party.

Spare us another few years going around on those damn emails.