Police hunting refugees & immigrants like animals

Refugee confronted by police dog (Dan Kitwood:Getty Images Europe) Sept 20 2015

A refugee & his little girl are here confronted by a Hungarian policeman with a police dog. Why on earth would you pit animals trained to be vicious against unarmed, defenseless refugees, many of whom are small children?

On a personal note, I live just a few miles from the US-Mexico border & used to walk daily in a nature preserve near the Rio Grande River where undocumented immigrants frequently cross to find cover in the woodlands. After three incidents of watching the border patrol chasing down parties of immigrants with four-wheelers, police dogs, mounted police, & scouting patrols I was too traumatized & horrified to continue walking there. I had never seen human beings hunted like that & found it extremely distressing. It felt like being caught in a horror movie.

Immigration is a human right. Cut the crap & open the borders.

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Europe)