Personal relationships are not exempt from the stresses of war: which side are you on?

Every war I have opposed since 1966 has tested & strained relationships within my family & among my friends. Some relationships are lost forever & family reunions are a mine field. It doesn’t seem necessary does it? But people feel ardently about their politics, especially on the issue of war.

The antiwar & Palestinian solidarity movements, socialist & progressive activists are engaged in a volatile, life & death dispute over what is going on in Syria. How it’s understood & the differences resolved have international consequences for the oppressed.

So forgive me, but if too many of your posts reek of anti-Semitism (blaming Israel for the war in Syria) or Islamophobia (all that “jihadist head-chopping, heart-eating rapist” stuff) or if you find excuses for Russian & Syrian bombing of civilians, I really don’t have the stomach for it. I’m just not made that way.

Some of my Facebook friendships will be ending. There’s no antipathy. I still loved my mother when I couldn’t go home till I converted to war-mongering. But I could stay away from home a while till she cooled down where on FB the postings are right up close & in your face.